Is Your Business on YouTube and Pinterest? It should be.

As a social media manager at my employer, I get requests all the time from different service areas and departments wanting Facebook pages. “But everyone has one.” Is what I often hear after saying “no.” The truth is not everyone needs a Facebook page. I could argue every business should have a page, but breaking off into sub-groups within one business can prove not only time consuming, but often not generate quality engagement.

But should every business be on YouTube and Pinterest? Yes. Why? We know that social media users are drawn to visuals and both these platforms were created to showcase visuals.  Users want to see how something works or see someone using a product, this can happen on YouTube and Pinterest.

Does your company have a plan in place to create more visual content? It should. In fact, many businesses are increasing video budgets by as much as 30 percent.
I enjoy lists and infographics, so below are the reasons I think both YouTube and Pinterest should be part of your company’s social media marketing mix.


  1. YouTube allows for your content to be found or discovered by people searching for information. Did you know YouTube is currently the No. 2 search engine? Users are searching for content through search engines, not by logging onto your specific website. Having a presence on YouTube means more people will find your videos easily, especially with features like “related videos” available.
  2. Name and claim your channel. Having a channel on YouTube is important for any business, because it can become a hub for all of your products, services, and information, while still linking back to your website. Make sure the visual branding is consistent with your company’s standards, the description is accurate, and you use keywords. Remember, it’s all about being discoverable.
  3. Use auto-play. Gone are the days of people being annoyed when videos begin playing unprompted. Well, I should clarify. I mean, if they are on a video-sharing site, like YouTube, chances are you’re planning to watching a video, so having a video auto-play on your channel may help keep users engaged.
  4. Take advantage of YouTube advertising. It’s generally cheaper than Google text ads and Facebook ads. Plus, remember it’s the No. 2 search engine, so you’ll probably have a better chance of catching a user’s attention on YouTube.

“It’s important for YouTube to be everywhere.” – Shiva Rajaraman, director of product management, YouTube



  1. With 48.7 million users and counting, Pinterest users spend more time on Pinterest than on Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn combined. Another interesting fact, 43 percent of Pinterest users interact with retailers or brands versus 23 percent on Facebook.
  2. Pinterest drives massive quality traffic to your website, and is a perfect complement to SEO, email marketing, and blogging.
  3. It’s easy to share content with your followers without having to write a lengthy post.
  4. It’s the best social network for sharing business product images/videos compared to Twitter or Facebook

About two years ago, I convinced my bosses to allow me to start a Pinterest page for our company. We started with a few basic boards, highlighting our services and facilities. Now we have 17 boards. Our most popular boards are ones that deal with health and wellness. Our “Healthy Foods” board, which features weekly recipes, gets the most repins on our page and our “Patient Stories” board also seems to get significant engagement. It’s our hope that while these boards are what draw people in, maybe they’ll stay and click around to some of our other boards.

Pinterest is now the third most popular social network in the U.S. in terms of traffic and users spend an average of 98 minutes on Pinterest per month. YouTube boosts four billion hours of viewership a month. So, have I convinced you it’s worth it yet? I hope so.

As social media continues to develop and evolve one thing is for sure, users enjoy visual content. YouTube and Pinterest play into this need perfectly and can showcase your business in ways a website and other social network can’t. Both of these networks also make it extremely easy to share content on other social networks. This way you can create content that can filter out to several platforms. As you think about your marketing mix, remember social media should now be a big part of it, and YouTube and Pinterest should be part of the plan, as well.

I’m by no means the best expert in this field, but I this strategy and information has world well for the organization where I work, and I hope it’ll benefit you as well. Happy posting and pinning!

How does your company currently use YouTube and Pinterest? Do you have plans to use both social networks more in the future?

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4 thoughts on “Is Your Business on YouTube and Pinterest? It should be.

  1. We definitely utilize YouTube. We churn out a lot a video content each week and YouTube is the perfect place to post it all. With it being the second ranked search engine it only makes sense.

    I struggle with how we can incorporate golf and athlete content into Pinterest. We have a page but it has gotten pretty stale. Maybe this week will encourage me to figure out what our strategy needs to be and give it another try.

    • Stacy, I think what you all are doing on YouTube is great! I think it’s a perfect match for sports-related companies/organizations. As for Pinterest, maybe look at what other female sports organizations. I’ve done that with healthcare and it’s provided some inspiration!

  2. My company does not currently make use of Pinterest and given how male our demographic is, I don’t think that’s really a huge deal at the moment.

    We do have a YouTube page that does not get used enough, but we do have a formula to how and when we use it so that’s a start. We are currently trying to figure out if there is a better way, but as of now we are splitting video content.

    • Thanks for the comment Casey. I do think demographics have a lot to do with social media and whether it not a company should put resources into specific networks. I agree in you case it may not be warranted or necessary!

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