Who doesn’t love good engagement?

engagement-marketingOkay, as a single, 29-year-old you may assume I’m talking about a traditional engagement story–and while I’ve seen my fair share of engagement ring Facebook posts in the last few years, this blog has to do with a different type of engagement. In fact, it’s the more important “engagement” in my opinion–engagement for marketing purposes.

As a social media content strategist for my employer, I sometimes struggle with generating engagement. It’s important to realize from a business standpoint, engagement is not driven by the amount of content posted. Engagement is driven by good content. And engagement can be measured differently. Likes, shares, and comments  aren’t all equal, but all are important.

Facebook-EngagementSo, how can you improve engagement on your social media networks? Thanks to a thing called “EdgeRank” Facebook has created an algorithm to help businesses improve engagement on its social network. Here are some tips for navigating your brand’s ability to appear in users’ newsfeeds:

  • Keep posts short. Users don’t want to read a novel on Facebook. Posts between 100 and 250 characters get 60% more likes, comments, and shares than longer posts.
  • Be visual. Pictures always generate more engagement than strictly word posts.
  • Ask a question, have a call to action, or know what triggers your fans to respond. This can include simple questions, “fill-in-the-blank” posts, or “Like this post if you agree”-type posts.
  • Post daily, but remain relevant and timely. Don’t overload your fans’ newsfeeds, but make sure you consistently appear in it. Being relevant means staying true to your brand or mission, don’t venture off into other topics all together. And most Facebook users are active during 9-10 p.m., so make sure you’re interacting during the evening hours.
  • Be creative with promotions. Traditional push marketing messages don’t often work and can ultimately push more users away. Try having fun with your users and in turn this may keep them interested in your brand.

Has your brand had success with a creative, untraditional post in order to gain engagement? Share your experience.

Google+logoBut it’s not all about Facebook (despite what many businesses think). When it comes to engagement businesses need to embrace Google+, as well. A lot of people and businesses still don’t really understand Google+ as a social network and many don’t see its importance because it has less active users than more popular social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. But it is important. Bottom line. If you’re wondering what’s been going on with Google+, there have been some recent updates to the social network. And like Facebook, there is a method to the madness in trying to generate more engagement and, in turn, helping to grow your business.

Here are some tips to using Google+ to your benefit:

  • Include at least one image. A good picture will stand out more on the newly re-designed network. But make sure it’s a good quality image, that displays correctly. A poor quality image will not be received well by users.
  • A Google+ post is treated by Google like every other page on the web. That means, a post can be ranked and indexed by the search engine and can be displayed with search results to users.
  • Validate your profile. This will enable your image to appear next to a post in search results, which can greater attract attention on search result pages.
  • Include links and hashtags. But use the “featured link” in a Google+ post to increase page rank.

Whether you “get” Google+ or not, it’s important to realize it does help with SEO and search results. As a marketer utilizing this social platform can help generate new business and ultimately more brand loyalty.

What kind of Google+ posts does your organization share? Do you think it’s helping consumers “find” you or learn more about your organization?

Social networks are always changing and as marketers, we need to be seen as recognizing these changes and embracing them, so that our consumers will follow our lead. Social signals are what drive engagement. So, the more people who connect with your brand on social networks will help generate more connections through their other networks. In this social world, we are all connected, so why not become engaged?

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10 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love good engagement?

  1. I love this post so much – I am so fed up with people using social media sites to sell stuff. People don’t go on social media sites to be sold to. I work as a Social Media Manager for small/medium businesses and I am constantly trying to explain that the idea of social media is to be social, engaging and to build relationships.

    • Thanks Hazel! You’re right, social media should be about building connections and strengthening relationships. This is especially true for businesses trying to grow their loyal customers. Businesses who only focus on selling products will certainly miss out in the long run.

  2. The United States Postal Service currently does not participate in the Google+ arena. I know the Public Relations/Corporate Communications team does not have a presence there.
    You peaked my interest so I did a search and found a few rouge postings. Nothing official though. I plan to bring this to the attention of my social media team, but truth be told we are just getting the Facebook thing down pat.

    • Darleen, I’m glad Facebook is working out for your brand. And I would highly recommend getting onboard with Google+. It’s always better to be part of the conversation and monitor what’s being said about your organization than ignore it. While I’m not too in tune with what the United States Postal Service does for marketing, it seems there is always room to expand and get the attention of more potential customers. Good luck!

  3. I KNOW that Google+ helps people find content. I just don’t think most people realize the role that the social network plays in the discovery. As that starts to change, then we’ll begin to see more people using that platform. Until then, some will use but interaction will still pale in comparison to Facebook

    • I agree. Interactions on Google+ are very limited compared to other social networks, but those interactions can really make a difference in where your brand or posts pop up on search results. As more people and business become aware of the benefits of Google+ I think more will utilize it in the correct way.

  4. Hi Laura!

    Love your post and the easy to read (and follow) tips and tricks for post on both platforms.

    Although I don’t work direcetly with marketing a brand, my team has a super fun approach to our Facebook site. Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings uses the picture approach pretty much all of the time. But, for our target audience, it’s the perfect hook! Brides are looking for that unique or special photo that can get them inspired or that they can recreate on their special day. We do a “wedding cake Wednesday” post every week, featuring a real wedding cake designed by our bakery and use at one of our real weddings – it’s a neat way to get Brides excited about our offerings…and who doesn’t love cake!?


    • Thanks for the positive feedback, Lacee. It’s always nice to hear. I love how you keep your brand’s Facebook page fun! It’s a great way to keep consumers interested. Even though I work in healthcare, which can be kind of serious and boring, we’ve talked about doing “Fun Fact Friday” or “Mythbuster Monday” to see if people engage more. Even though we use social media for business, it should still remain a casual, personal experience for consumers. And you’re right, everyone loves cake!

  5. This might be the most important lesson an individual hoping to build a brand can learn regarding Facebook: “Keep posts short. Users don’t want to read a novel on Facebook.”

    So I love that it was your first Facebook tip!

    Our athletics department has been experimenting with new and creative social media content, including myself when it comes to baseball when I posted game video from my iPad directly on Twitter while the game was going on. It actually happened out of necessity since both my camera and my phone died, but it worked out pretty well! Unfortunately it’s not an efficient way to record or Tweet if the more traditional options are available, so I only did it once.

    The one really interesting Google+ activity my company did was a hangout with our main radio guy. This allows an additional level of interaction between the fans and one of the more tenured individuals within our department.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Casey. My marketing department actually talked about doing Google+ Hangouts today. We think it’d be a great outlet for our community health educators who focused on chronic disease management, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. I also think it’d be cool to do an “On Air” Hangout or Live event with some of our specialists. It would be interesting to see what types of questions people would ask.

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